Executive Board
Luiza Avye
Al'Arabia Fashion Days.
Since 2016 Luiza is an international fashion-producer, Country Director of Arab Fashion Council in Russia and CIS countries, Ambassador of Beirut Fashion Week in Russia. Luiza founded LLC "Meroving Production" company operating in fashion and cinema industry. In 2014, she was
awarded the Gold Swallow in the nomination "The Best People of Russia" for her contribution to public and charitable activities. From 2009 to 2016 she worked on Russian Federal television channels: Channel 1, NTV, TVC, VGTRK, Ren-TV as a chief producer and producer of TV projects, talk-shows and documentaries. Luiza has 3 higher education: MSU (TV-journalist), RSHU (World economy), ICSR (psychology). Luiza speaks 4 languages: Russian, English, German and Armenian.
Lana Avye
Executive Director and Co-founder

Since 2016 Lana has been working with Arab Fashion Council, Beirut Fashion Week and Kuwait Fashion Week. Lana is the Director of international communications for several Russian brands. In addition to fashion-producing, Lana is engaged in tv and film producing, works on the main Federal
channels of Russia, is the Executive producer of the international project Meroving Production, as well as creative producer of Projust Production.